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We’ll help you grow your business using advanced direct B2B Sales outreach and SM Advertising techniques.

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A full spectrum of modern digital & media services

B2B Sales Outsourcing

Lean back and let us handle your sales. Our dedicated sales professional will outreach your leads directly.

Sales Consultation

Get an inside view of our experience in sales, learn new strategies and tools that will help you boost your revenue.

SDR Recruitment

Hiring a SDR can be difficult. Get rid of all the recruitment headache and let us find your best-fit sales professional.

Corporate Training

Sales and business development are critical to the success of any business. Use our full-featured corporate trainings to take your team to the next level. Make learning faster and easier than ever before.

CRM Integration

Connect all your sales and marketing tools and automations to a single platform. Let us handle all the processes including data migration and tools integration.

Lead Generation & Prospecting

We create a lead database for you and setting appointments for your business development team.

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Why Us?

Whether your business needs a sales to boost, a killer social media management strategy, or customer support angels, Rooqet’s team of professionals will guide the way to your growth!


How do we measure growth? Of course with Results! Because, well.., numbers never lie.


We and our partners are a team, and transparency is one of the key components of a great collaboration.


When things don't go as planned, being flexible to all kinds of shifts and changes plays a great role in finding the right opportunities.

Clients' data security

Our partners and their growth will always be our main focus; and we proudly take that responsibility.

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